Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Natal Dan Tahun Baru 2010

tak terasa tahun 2009 sudah mendekati akhir, kami segenap constributor berita web news blog mengucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya Natal Dan Tahun Baru 2010" semoga kita bisa menjadi lebih baik dan berguna bagi dunia Internet di indonesia

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Mencari pengunjung / Traffik dengan Alexa

sebagian besar blog yang pernah saya kunjungi menggunakan alexa untuk mendatangkan traffik yang berlimpah. Kenapa? Karena Alexa adalah sebuah website penyedia layanan informasi mengenai traffik suatu blog atau website. Dengan menggunakan widget-widget dari Alexa tersebut,

anda dapat terus memonitor data pengunjung dan ranking blog tau website anda. Hal ini menjadi penting agar data-data pengunjung blog anda tidak hilang dan terus meningkat. Suatu saat nanti saat data pengunjung di alexa widget anda sudah banyak dan ramai, anda tinggal menuai hasilnya.
Teori dasar alexa dalam menentukan nilai suatu blog tidak begitu aku mengerti, tapi satu yang pasti semakin kecil nilai rank alexa tersebut maka akan semakin baik atau populer. satu rekomendasi terbaik saya adalah dengan menggunakan alexa untuk mendatangkan visitor pada web atau blog kesayangan anda.
Berikut alamat URL widget-widget Alexa yang dapat anda kunjungi.
1. Alexa Page Rank
2. Alexa Toolbar

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Monday, December 14, 2009

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 v15.0.0.409 BETA3-iND

Description: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 – complete set of advanced applications to create visual layouts of pages and illustrations, photo editing and conversion of raster images into vector. Pack enjoys well-deserved recognition among the millions of professionals and amateurs around the world. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 includes new tools that facilitate the creative process, simplify project management and optimize the work of graphic design. Now, thanks to the wider functions of creating illustrations, page layouts and photo editing, functions trissirovki raster images into vector graphics, and new functional training tool that integrated graphics package combines a huge range of excellent design capabilities, speed, affordability and ease of use, which can not provide any more software for graphic design.

Download Hotfile:

Download On Rapid:

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Windows 7 blogger theme

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional ENGLISH (x32x64)

Microsoft Office 2010 gives you rich and powerful new ways to deliver your best work - whether you re at work, home, or school - on a computer, Web browser, or Smartphone. Grab your audience s attention and inspire them with your ideas using enhanced tools, customizable templates, and photo editing capabilities. Work with multiple people from different locations at the exact same time using new co-authoring capabilities. By offering more ways to access your files from virtually anywhere, Office2010 puts you in control.

The Microsoft Office 2010 , invitation only program which will provide you with the opportunity to experience early, pre-release versions of Office 2010 which will include the following applications: Word 2010, Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Communicator 2010, Access 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Publisher 2010. Microsoft Office 2010 provides people at home or work with a comprehensive set of tools that helps them gather and consolidate virtually any type of information, find what they are looking for quickly, and easily share information with others across geographical or organizational boundaries, so they can deliver better results faster.

BUILD: 14.0.4514.1009
FILE: 14.0.4514.1009_Professional_retail_ship_x86_en-us_dvd.iso
SIZE: 677,103,616 byte
SHA1: 649738F89DBA79D5634DFAD4E62CB8D9E76AECD8
MD5: 884F04C61F026CC3515E991D60B16738
CRC: 09491067
NOTE: this original M$ image.

BUILD: 14.0.4514.1009
FILE: 14.0.4514.1009_Professional_retail_ship_x64_en-us_dvd.iso
SIZE: 744,433,664 byte
SHA1: EE663026BA3CB1A33A5EAD7D99D093E668FBEC91
MD5: EF68D5B4AA61EE5605E6339E4845A681
NOTE: this original M$ image.

if serial not work then follow this steps :

Run Regedit.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft \OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform \Plugins \Objects\msft:/algorithm/pkey/2005/ModuleID ba38975c-7786-44bc-b924-147c77920328

Change last number to 7 and becomes (ba38975c-7786-44bc-b924-147c77920327)


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

In Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter, Anne-Marie Concepcin shows dozens of ways to promote a company's brand, increase sales, drive traffic to a site, and engage with customers using two of the hottest social networking venues today, Facebook and Twitter. Anne-Marie teaches not only the fundamentals of social media marketing, but also how to create a professional, top-level presence that can put a company in the viral marketing sweet spot. From creating Facebook fan pages to crafting the most perfect Twitter bio for SEO, Anne-Marie dives into the details of both services, and discusses the best third-party add-ons that maximize the social marketing impact.

Software works on: Mac and Windows.

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Facebook Wordpress Template

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2012 (2009)

Quality in every Bit per Second
Tittle......... 2012.2009.HQ.TeleSync.v2.LiNE.x264-FUSiON-Voltage
Runtime....... 02:22:28
Size.......... 2.10G
Video Title... FUSiON-2012-x264
Container. MKV
Encoder... x264
Resolution 872x344
Bitrate... 1817 Kbps
Framerate. 25.000
DAR....... 2.535
Scan...... Progressive
Audio Title... Voltage-LiNE-MP3
Container. MP3

Profile... Layer 3
Resolution 16-Bit
Bitrate... 224 Kbps
Misc. Info 2 Channels - L R, 48.0 KHz

Subtitles..... English [Non English Dialgoues]
Muxed?.... Yes - SRT
Source.... A: ELEKTRI4KA DVDR, A: Voltage's New LiNE
Read...... Bigger! Stronger! Better!

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

Plot : After Bella recovers from the vampire attack that almost claimed her life, she looks to celebrate her birthday with Edward and his family. However, a minor accident during the festivities results in Bella's blood being shed, a sight that proves too intense for the Cullens, who decide to leave the town of Forks, Washington for Bella and Edward's sake. Initially heartbroken, Bella finds a form of comfort in reckless living, as well as an even-closer friendship with Jacob Black. Danger in different forms awaits.

Genre : Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller / Romance
Tagline : The Next Chapter Begins.

== Info:

video codec........:XviD MPEG 4 Codec
video bitrate......:921 :::
audio codec........:MPEG-1 Layer 3 VBR :::
resolution.........:592 x 336 :::
runtime............:2:04:05 :::
iMDB rating........: 4.4/10 5,680 votes
iMDB link..........:

NOTES:Other Release was MP4 and uncropped,this is XviD and cropped.

Download .part1.rar .part2.rar .part3.rar .part4.rar .part5.rar

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mengenal Editor Blogspot

Agar kita lebih memahami cara menggunakan berbagai fasilitas yang diberikan oleh Editor Blogspot ini, kita akan mengenal satu persatu fungsi dari setiap tombol dan menu yang disediakan yang disediakan.

Penjelasan fungsi-fungsi Editor Blogspot:
Title merupakan judul dari artikel yang akan dibuat, isikanlah judul dari artikel yang akan dibuat pada kotak Title ini. Yang perlu diingat adalah Title tidak sama dengan nama file. Jika nantinya kita akan membuat link antar halaman, maka yang digunakan nantinya adalah nama file dari artikel, bukan judul artikel.

Isikan dengan alamat artikel lain (bisa dari blog sendiri atau blog lain) yang berhubungan dengan artikel yang kita buat, jika tidak ada maka tidak perlu mengisinya.

Recover post
Ini berfungsi untuk mengembalikan artikel yang sudah diedit, gunakan fungsi ini jika terjadi kesalahan sewaktu mengedit.

Blogspot menyediakan beberapa font yang dapat kita pilih, memang tidak banyak font yang disediakan oleh blogspot ini. Cara penggunaan font ini sama seperti jika kita ingn mengubah font pada MS Word atau Aplikasi Text Editor lainnya. Kita tinggal menyorot (highlight) kalimat, paragraph, bahkan seluruh halaman (CTRL + A), lalu pilh font yang akan digunakan.

Ukuran Font
Untuk mengubah ukuran font, kita bisa menggunakan tombol yang telah disediakan. Kita tinggal memilih apakah ingin memperbesar atau mengecilkan font.

Cetak Tebal dan Cetak Miring
Untuk membuat kalimat yang dicetak tebal kita bisa menggunakan tombol dengan lambang huruf B, dan untuk mencetak miring mengunakan tombol dengan lambang huruf i.

Blogspot Editor juga menyediakan fasilitas untuk mengubah warna font, kita bisa menggunakannya dengan mengklik pada tombol yang disediakan seperti terlihat pada gambar.

Untuk membuat link caranya adalah sebagai berikut: 1). sorot text yang akan dijadikan link, 2) klik tombol link, 3) pada kotak dialog yang meminta inputkan alamat dari link yang akan dibuat, 4) klik tombol OK.

Perataan (Align)

Bagi yang sering menggunakan MS Word tentu sudah tidak asing lagi dengan fungsi tombol-tombol ini, jadi tidak perlu dijelaskan.

Number List dan Bullet

Tombol-tombol ini mempunyai fungsi untuk membuat daftar atau list, kita juga sudah tidak asing dengan fungsi tombol ini.

Check Spelling
Blogger juga menyediakan fasilitas untuk memeriksa spelling, itu jika artikel yang kita buat berbahasa Inggris.

Remove Formating from selection
Tombol ini berfungsi untuk menghapus semua format pada text terpilih.

Link ini berfungsi untuk menampilkan halaman kode dari artikel yang sedang diedit.

Link ini untuk menampilkan mode design dari artikel yang sedang diedit.

Link ini untuk menampilkan hasil akhir dari artikel yang kita buat.

Print Options
Reader Comments pilihan ini memungkinkan kita untuk membolehkan atau tidak membolehkan komentar. Backlink pilihan ini untuk mengatur apakah orang lain boleh melink pada artikel tersebut.

Label for this post
Ini untuk mengelompokkan atau mengkategorikan artikel tersebut.

Post time and Date
Ini untuk mengatur tanggal dan jam pembuatan artikel, artikel diurutkan berdasarkan waktu pembuatan., semakin baru waktu pembuatan berarti artikel tersebut akan berada semakin atas. Kita bisa menggunakan fungsi ini untuk mengubah urutan artikel.

Save as darft
Bila mengklik ini berarti artikel yang kita buat akan disimpan sebagai draft, artinya tidak akan ditampilkan pada blog, dan tidak bisa dilihat oleh orang lain yang mengunjungi blog.

Klik ini jika sudah selesai mengedit dan ingin menampilkannya di blog, dan pengunjung dapat segera membaca artikel tersebut.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Membuat Tulisan Terbalik di Facebook

Untuk kalian² yang pengen mengupdate status, komentari status/foto, menulis pesan di wall teman dengan tulisan terbalik. Nih dia caranya, langsung aja ya.
Adalah upside down writing (tulisan terbalik) dari yang menyediakan fasilitas membalik tulisan yang kita buat. Dengan hanya mengetikan tulisan pada halaman yang di sediakan oleh kita dengan mudah mendapatkan hasil tulisan terbalik yang bisa digunakan pada facebook atau web lainnya.

Tertarik untuk menggunakannya? silahkan saja kunjungin dan buat teman-teman di facebook pusing membaca pesan yang kita tinggalkan.

Cara ini juga berlaku pada Messenger (MSN and Live Messenger), untuk emails and websites juga bisa (blogs, profiles, comments, dll)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rename 'recycle Bin' To Whatever You Want

1. Start, Run, 'Regedit'.
2. Press 'Ctrl'+'F' to open find box and type 'Recycle Bin' to search.
3. Change any value data with 'Recycle Bin' to whatever name you want to give it ( ie, like 'Trash Can' or 'Dump' etc).
4. Press F3 to continue searching for 'Recycle Bin' and change wherever you come across 'Recycle Bin' to new its new name.

5. Repeat step 4 until you have finished with searching and changed all values to its new name.
6. Close regedit and hit F5 on desktop to see the new name on screen.

Note: As a good practice, always backup your registry before changing anything although changing 'Recycle Bin' name is a simple tweak and doesnt affect anything else.

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Windows XP Tips & Tricks For newbie

Please note that some of these tips require you to use a Registry Editor (regedit.exe), which could render your system unusable. Thus, none of these tips are supported in any way: Use them at your own risk. Also note that most of these tips will require you to be logged on with Administrative rights.

Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini

WinXP's setupp.ini controls how the CD acts. IE is it an OEM version or retail? First, find your setupp.ini file in the i386 directory on your WinXP CD. Open it up, it'll look something like this:


The Pid value is what we're interested in. What's there now looks like a standard default. There are special numbers that determine if it's a retail, oem, or volume license edition. First, we break down that number into two parts. The first five digits determines how the CD will behave, ie is it a retail cd that lets you clean install or upgrade, or an oem cd that only lets you perform a clean install? The last three digits determines what CD key it will accept. You are able to mix and match these values. For example you could make a WinXP cd that acted like a retail cd, yet accepted OEM keys.

Now, for the actual values. Remember the first and last values are interchangable, but usually you'd keep them as a pair:

Retail = 51882 335
Volume License = 51883 270
OEM = 82503 OEM

So if you wanted a retail CD that took retail keys, the last line of your setupp.ini file would read:


And if you wanted a retail CD that took OEM keys, you'd use:


How do I get the "Administrator" name on Welcome Screen?

To get Admin account on the "Welcome Screen" as well as the other usernames, make sure that there are no accounts logged in.

Press "ctrl-alt-del" twice and you should be able to login as administrator!

finally worked for me after i found out that all accounts have to be logged out first

Fix Movie Inteferance in AVI files

If you have any AVI files that you saved in Windows 9x, which have interference when opened in Windows XP, there is an easy fix to get rid of the interference:

Open Windows Movie Maker.
Click View and then click Options.
Click in the box to remove the check mark beside Automatically create clips.

Now, import the movie file that has interference and drag it onto the timeline. Then save the movie, and during the rerendering, the interference will be removed.

Create a Password Reset Disk

If you’re running Windows XP Professional as a local user in a workgroup environment, you can create a password reset disk to log onto your computer when you forget your password. To create the disk:

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click User Accounts.
Click your account name.
Under Related Tasks, click Prevent a forgotten password.

Follow the directions in the Forgotten Password Wizard to create a password reset disk.

Store the disk in a secure location, because anyone using it can access your local user account

Change Web Page Font Size on the Fly

If your mouse contains a wheel for scrolling, you can change font size on the fly when viewing a Web page. To do so:

Press and hold Ctrl. Scroll down (or towards yourself) to enlarge the font size. Scroll up (or away from yourself) to reduce the font size.

You might find it useful to reduce font size when printing a Web page, so that you can fit more content on the page.

WinXP Clear Page file on shutdown

WINXPCPS.REG (WinXP Clear Page file on shutdown)

This Registration (.REG) file clears the Page file when you power off the computer.
Restart Windows for these changes to take effect!

Browse to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management

and add the DWORD variable "ClearPageFileAtShutdown"=dword:00000001

You can also do this without reg hacking.
Go to Control panel Administartative tools, local security policy. then goto local policies ---> security options.
Then change the option for "Shutdown: Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile"

Group Policy for Windows XP

One of the most full featured Windows XP configuration tools available is hidden right there in your system, but most people don't even know it exists. It's called the Local Group Policy Editor, or gpedit for short. To invoke this editor, select Start and then Run, then type the following:


After you hit ENTER, you'll be greeted by gpedit, which lets you modify virtually every feature in Windows XP without having to resort to regedit. Dig around and enjoy!

Forgetting What Your Files Are?

This procedure works under NTFS.

As times goes along you have a lot files on your computer. You are going to forget what they are. Well here is way to identify them as you scroll through Windows Explorer in the future.

This procedure works under NTFS.

1.. Open up a folder on your system that you want to keep track of the different files you might one to identify in the future.

2.. Under View make certain that you set it to the Details.

3.. Highlight the file you want to keep more information on. Right click the file and you will get a pop up menu. Click on properties.

4.. Click on the Summary Tab (make sure it says simple not advanced on the button in the box), You should now get the following fields,

Title,Subject, Author, Category, Keywords, Comments

You will see advanced also if you have changed it to simple, Here will be other fields you can fill in.

5.. Next you can fill in what ever field you want.

6.. After you finished click the apply button then OK.

7.. Next right click the bar above your files, under the address barand you should get a drop down menu. Here you can click the fields you want to display.

8.. You should now see a list with the new fields and any comments you have done.

9.. Now if you want to sort these just right click a blank spot and then you sort the information to your liking.

Temporarily Assign Yourself Administrative Permissions

Many programs require you to have Administrative permissions to be able to install them. Here is an easy way to temporarily assign yourself Administrative permissions while you remain logged in as a normal user.

Hold down the Shift key as you right-click on the program’s setup file.

Click Run as.

Type in a username and password that have Administrative permissions.

This will also work on applications in the Start menu.

Create a Shortcut to Lock Your Computer

Leaving your computer in a hurry but you don’t want to log off? You can double-click a shortcut on your desktop to quickly lock the keyboard and display without using CTRL+ALT+DEL or a screensaver.

To create a shortcut on your desktop to lock your computer:

Right-click the desktop.
Point to New, and then click Shortcut.

The Create Shortcut Wizard opens. In the text box, type the following:
rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation

Click Next.

Enter a name for the shortcut. You can call it "Lock Workstation" or choose any name you like.

Click Finish.

You can also change the shortcut's icon (my personal favorite is the padlock icon in shell32.dll).

To change the icon:

Right click the shortcut and then select Properties.
Click the Shortcut tab, and then click the Change Icon button.

In the Look for icons in this file text box, type:

Click OK.

Select one of the icons from the list and then click OK

You could also give it a shortcut keystroke such CTRL+ALT+L. This would save you only one keystroke from the normal command, but it could be more convenient.

Create a Shortcut to Start Remote Desktop

Tip: You can add a shortcut to the desktop of your home computer to quickly start Remote Desktop and connect to your office computer.

To create a shortcut icon to start Remote Desktop

Click Start, point to More Programs, point to Accessories, point to Communications, and then click on Remote Desktop Connection.

Click Options.

Configure settings for the connection to your office computer.

Click Save As, and enter a name, such as Office Computer. Click Save.

Open the Remote Desktops folder.

Right-click on the file named Office Computer, and then click Create Shortcut.

Drag the shortcut onto the desktop of your home computer.

To start Remote Desktop and connect to your office computer, double-click on the shortcut

Instantly Activate a Screensaver

Turn on a screensaver without having to wait by adding a shortcut to your desktop:

Click the Start button, and then click Search.
In the Search Companion window, click All file types.

In the file name box, type *.scr

In the Look in box, choose Local Hard Drives (C or the drive where you have system files stored on your computer.

Click Search.

You will see a list of screensavers in the results. Pick a screensaver you want. You can preview it by double-clicking it.

Right click on the file, choose Send To, and then click Desktop (create shortcut).

To activate the screensaver, double-click the icon on your desktop

Add a Map Drive Button to the Toolbar

Do you want to quickly map a drive, but can’t find the toolbar button? If you map drives often, use one of these options to add a Map Drive button to the folder toolbar.

Option One (Long Term Fix)

Click Start, click My Computer, right-click the toolbar, then unlock the toolbars, if necessary.

Right-click the toolbar again, and then click Customize.

Under Available toolbar buttons, locate Map Drive, and drag it into the position you want on the right under Current toolbar buttons.

Click Close, click OK, and then click OK again.

You now have drive mapping buttons on your toolbar, so you can map drives from any folder window. To unmap drives, follow the above procedure, selecting Disconnect under Available toolbar buttons. To quickly map a drive, try this option.

Option Two (Quick Fix)

Click Start, and right-click My Computer.
Click Map Network Drive.

If you place your My Computer icon directly on the desktop, you can make this move in only two clicks!

Software not installing?

If you have a piece of software that refuses to install because it says that you are not running Windows 2000 (such as the Win2K drivers for a Mustek scanner!!) you can simply edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion/ProductName to say Microsoft Windows 2000 instead of XP and it will install. You may also have to edit the version number or build number, depending on how hard the program tries to verify that you are installing on the correct OS. I had to do this for my Mustek 600 CP scanner (compatibility mode didn''t help!!!) and it worked great, so I now have my scanner working with XP (and a tech at Mustek can now eat his words).

BTW, don''t forget to restore any changes you make after you get your software installed

You do this at your own risk.

Use your Windows Key


The Windows logo key, located in the bottom row of most computer keyboards is a little-used treasure. Don''t ignore it. It is the shortcut anchor for the following commands:

Windows: Display the Start menu
Windows + D: Minimize or restore all windows
Windows + E: Display Windows Explorer
Windows + F: Display Search for files
Windows + Ctrl + F: Display Search for computer
Windows + F1: Display Help and Support Center
Windows + R: Display Run dialog box
Windows + break: Display System Properties dialog box
Windows + shift + M: Undo minimize all windows
Windows + L: Lock the workstation
Windows + U: Open Utility Manager
Windows + Q: Quick switching of users (Powertoys only)
Windows + Q: Hold Windows Key, then tap Q to scroll thru the different users on your pc

Change your cd key

You don't need to re-install if you want to try the key out ... just do this:

1. Go to Activate Windows
2. Select the Telephone option
3. Click "Change Product Key"
4. Enter NOT ALLOWED ~ Zabref
5. Click "Update"

Now log off and log back in again. It should now show 60 days left, minus the number of days it had already counted down.

Note: If your crack de-activated REGWIZC.DLL and LICDLL.DLL, you are going to have to re-register them.

Remove the Shared Documents folders from My Computer

One of the most annoying things about the new Windows XP user interface is that Microsoft saw fit to provide links to all of the Shared Documents folders on your system, right at the top of the My Computer window. I can't imagine why this would be the default, even in a shared PC environment at home, but what's even more annoying is that you cannot change this behavior through the sh*ll
: Those icons are stuck there and you have to live with it.
Until now, that is.

Simply fire up the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ My Computer \ NameSpace \ DelegateFolders

You'll see a sub-key named {59031a47-3f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee}. If you delete this, all of the Shared Documents folders (which are normally under the group called "Other Files Stored on This Computer" will be gone.

You do not need to reboot your system to see the change.

Before: A cluttered mess with icons no one will ever use (especially that orpaned one). After: Simplicity itself, and the way it should be by default.

This tip For older XP builds

Edit or remove the "Comments" link in window title bars

During the Windows XP beta, Microsoft has added a "Comments?" hyperlink to the title bar of each window in the system so that beta testers can more easily send in a problem report about the user interface. But for most of us, this isn't an issue, and the Comments link is simply a visual distraction. And for many programs that alter the title bar, the Comments link renders the Minimize, Maximize, and Close window buttons unusable, so it's actually a problem.
Let's get rid of it. Or, if you're into this kind of thing, you can edit it too.

Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the following keys:
My Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ LameButtonEnabled
My Computer \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ LameButtonText

The first key determines whether the link appears at all; change its value to 0 to turn it off. The second key lets you have a little fun with the hyperlink; you can change the text to anything you'd like, such as "Paul Thurrott" or whatever.

Editing either value requires a restart before the changes take effect.

Before: An unnecessary hyperlink. Have some fun with it! Or just remove it entirely. It's up to you.

Rip high-quality MP3s in Windows Media Player 8

The relationship between Windows Media Player 8 and the MP3 audio format is widely misunderstood. Basically, WMP8 will be able to playback MP3 files, but encoding (or "ripping" CD audio into MP3 format will require an MP3 plug-in. So during the Windows XP beta, Microsoft is supplying a sample MP3 plug-in for testing purposes, but it's limited to 56 Kbps rips, which is pretty useless. However, if you have an externally installed MP3 codec, you can use WMP8 to rip at higher bit rates. But you'll have to edit the Registry to make this work.
Fire up the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ MediaPlayer \ Settings \ MP3Encoding

Here, you'll see sub-keys for LowRate and LowRateSample, which of course equates to the single 56 Kbps sample rate you see in WMP8. To get better sampling rates, try adding the following keys (Using New then DWORD value):

"LowRate" = DWORD value of 0000dac0
"MediumRate" = DWORD value of 0000fa00
"MediumHighRate" = DWORD value of 0001f400
"HighRate" = DWORD value of 0002ee00

Now, when you launch WMP8 and go into Tools, then Options, then Copy Music, you will have four encoding choices for MP3: 56 Kbps, 64 Kbps, 128 Kbps, and 192 Kbps. Note that you will not get higher bit rate encoding unless you have installed an MP3 codec separately; the version in Windows Media Player 8 is limited to 56 Kbps only.

Find the appropriate location in the Registry... ...add a few DWORD values... ...And then you'll be ripping CDs in higher-quality MP3 format!

Speed up the Start Menu

The default speed of the Start Menu is pretty slow, but you can fix that by editing a Registry Key. Fire up the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ MenuShowDelay

By default, the value is 400. Change this to a smaller value, such as 0, to speed it up.

Speed up the Start Menu (Part two)

If your confounded by the slow speed of the Start Menu, even after using the tip above, then you might try the following: Navigate to Display Properties then Appearance then Advanced and turn off the option titled Show menu shadow . You will get much better overall performance.

Speed up Internet Explorer 6 Favorites


For some reason, the Favorites menu in IE 6 seems to slow down dramatically sometimes--I've noticed this happens when you install Tweak UI 1.33, for example, and when you use the preview tip to speed up the Start menu. But here's a fix for the problem that does work, though it's unclear why:
Just open a command line window (Start button -> Run -> cmd) and type sfc, then hit ENTER. This command line runs the System File Checker, which performs a number of services, all of which are completely unrelated to IE 6. But there you go: It works.

Do an unattended installation

The Windows XP Setup routine is much nicer than that in Windows 2000 or Windows Me, but it's still an hour-long process that forces you to sit in front of your computer for an hour, answering dialog boxes and typing in product keys. But Windows XP picks up one of the more useful features from Windows 2000, the ability to do an unattended installation, so you can simply prepare a script that will answer all those dialogs for you and let you spend some quality time with your family.
I've written about Windows 2000 unattended installations and the process is pretty much identical on Windows XP, so please read that article carefully before proceeding. And you need to be aware that this feature is designed for a standalone Windows XP system: If you want to dual-boot Windows XP with another OS, you're going to have to go through the interactive Setup just like everyone else: An unattended install will wipe out your hard drive and install only Windows XP, usually.

To perform an unattended installation, you just need to work with the Setup Manager, which is located on the Windows XP CD-ROM in D:\SupportTools\DEPLOY.CAB by default: Extract the contents of this file and you'll find a number of useful tools and help files; the one we're interested in is named setupmgr.exe. This is a very simple wizard application that will walk you through the process of creating an answer file called winnt.sif that can be used to guide Windows XP Setup through the unattended installation.

One final tip: There's one thing that Setup Manager doesn't add: Your product key. However, you can add this to the unattend.txt file manually. Simply open the file in Notepad and add the following line under the [UserData] section:


(This is a 60 day cd key)

Then, just copy winnt.sif to a floppy, put your Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD drive, and reboot: When the CD auto-boots, it will look for the unattend.txt file in A: automatically, and use it to answer the Setup questions if it's there.

Finally, please remember that this will wipe out your system! Back up first, and spend some time with the help files in DEPLOY.CAB before proceeding.

For Older builds or not using file

Remove the Desktop version text

During the Windows XP beta, you will see text in the lower right corner of the screen that says Windows XP Professional, Evaluation Copy. Build 2462 or similar. A lot of people would like to remove this text for some reason, and while it's possible to do so, the cure is more damaging than the problem, in my opinion. So the following step will remove this text, but you'll lose a lot of the nice graphical effects that come in Windows XP, such as the see-through icon text.

To remove the desktop version text, open Display Properties (right-click the desktop, then choose Properties) and navigate to the Desktop page. Click Customize Desktop and then choose the Web page in the resulting dialog. On this page, check the option titled Lock desktop items. Click OK to close the dialog, and then OK to close Display Properties. The text disappears. But now the rest of your system is really ugly. You can reverse the process by unchecking Lock desktop items.

There's also a shortcut for this process: Just right-click the desktop and choose Arrange by then Lock Web Icons on the Desktop.

Enable ClearType on the Welcome Screen!

As laptop users and other LCD owners are quickly realizing, Microsoft's ClearType technology in Windows XP really makes a big difference for readability. But the this feature is enabled on a per-user basis in Windows XP, so you can't see the effect on the Welcome screen; it only appears after you logon.

But you can fix that. Fire up the Registry Editor and look for the following keys:

(default user) HKEY_USERS \ .Default \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ FontSmoothing (String Value)
HKEY_USERS \ .Default \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ FontSmoothingType (Hexadecimal DWORD Value)

Make sure both of these values are set to 2 and you'll have ClearType enabled on the Welcome screen and on each new user by default.

Stop Windows Messenger from Auto-Starting


If you're not a big fan of Windows Messenger simply delete the following Registry Key:


Display Hibernate Option on the Shut Down dialog


For some reason, Hibernate may not be available from the default Shut Down dialog. But you can enable it simply enough, by holding down the SHIFT key while the dialog is visible. Now you see it, now you don't!

Add album art to any music folder

One of the coolest new features in Windows XP is its album thumbnail generator, which automatically places the appropriate album cover art on the folder to which you are copying music (generally in WMA format). But what about those people that have already copied their CDs to the hard drive using MP3 format? You can download album cover art from sites such as or, and then use the new Windows XP folder customize feature to display the proper image for each folder. But this takes time--you have to manually edit the folder properties for every single folder--and you will lose customizations if you have to reinstall the OS. There's an excellent fix, however.

When you download the album cover art from the Web, just save the images as folder.jpg each time and place them in the appropriate folder. Then, Windows XP will automatically use that image as the thumbnail for that folder and, best of all, will use that image in Windows Media Player for Windows XP (MPXP) if you choose to display album cover art instead of a visualization. And the folder customization is automatic, so it survives an OS reinstallation as well. Your music folders never looked so good!

Album cover art makes music folder thumbnails look better than ever!

Change the location of the My Music or My Pictures folders

In Windows 2000, Microsoft added the ability to right-click the My Documents folder and choose a new location for that folder in the sh*ll
. With Windows XP, Microsoft has elevated the My Music and My Pictures folders to the same "special sh*ll
folder" status of My Documents, but they never added a similar (and simple) method for changing those folder's locations. However, it is actually pretty easy to change the location of these folders, using the following method.

Open a My Computer window and navigate to the location where you'd like My Music (or My Pictures) to reside. Then, open the My Documents folder in a different window. Drag the My Music (or My Pictures) folder to the other window, and Windows XP will update all of the references to that folder to the new location, including the Start menu.

Or use Tweak UI

Add/Remove optional features of Windows XP

To dramatically expand the list of applications you can remove from Windows XP after installation, navigate to C:\WINDOWS\inf (substituting the correct drive letter for your version of Windows) and open the sysoc.inf file. Under Windows XP Professional Edition RC1, this file will resemble the following by default:

[Version] Signature = "$Windows NT$"

IndexSrv_System = setupqry.dll,IndexSrv,setupqry.inf,,7
TerminalServer=TsOc.dll, HydraOc, TsOc.inf,hide,2


The entries that include the text hide or HIDE will not show up in Add/Remove Windows Components by default. To fix this, do a global search and replace for ,hide and change each instance of this to , (a comma). Then, save the file, relaunch Add/Remove Windows Components, and tweak the installed applications to your heart's content.

Cool, eh? There are even more new options now under "Accessories and Utilities" too.

Remove Windows Messenger

It seems that a lot of people are interested in removing Windows Messenger for some reason, though I strongly recommend against this: In Windows XP, Windows Messenger will be the hub of your connection to the .NET world, and now that this feature is part of Windows, I think we're going to see a lot of .NET Passport-enabled Web sites appearing as well. But if you can't stand the little app, there are a couple of ways to get rid of it, and ensure that it doesn't pop up every time you boot into XP. The best way simply utilizes the previous tip:

If you'd like Windows Messenger to show up in the list of programs you can add and remove from Windows, navigate to C:\WINDOWS\inf (substituting the correct drive letter for your version of Windows) and open sysoc.inf (see the previous tip for more information about this file). You'll see a line that reads:


Change this to the following and Windows Messenger will appear in Add or Remove Programs, then Add/Remove Windows Components, then , and you can remove it for good:


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Set Google as your default search engine in IE

Copy everything in the box below into NOTEPAD


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
"Search Page"=""
"Search Bar"=""

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchURL]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Search]

1. Save the file as Google.reg
2. Double click to import to your registry.

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Quick Shutdown for XP, How to create a shutdown shortcut.

Ever want a quicker way to shutdown XP without navigating through the start menu, or using a third party shutdown utility Here is a script that will do just that.

Right click the desktop and choose New Shortcut. Copy and paste this script or type it in.

%windir%System32shutdown.exe -s -t 0

Choose Next and name it whatever you like. I name mine OFF. Click Finished. Right click and choose properties and pick a Icon for it if you'd like. I use a wall light switch Icon. I drag mine into my QuickLaunch toolbar for one click shutdown.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Menghubungkan Twitter/Facebook/Blogger

Iseng Browsing barusan daripada buka yang aneh-aneh..mending posting bagaimana cara menghubungkan account facebook - blogger - twitter anda.. kenapa aku post di blog ini bukannya di karena kita ingin ngejar traffic. wkakak.. ok, lupakan dulu kebingunganku.. langsung aja gimana caranya

1. Allow a "tweet" to update your Facebook status.
para webmasters twitter facebook app (disini klik donk)telah menemukan aplikasi untuk menghubungkan update twitter kalian pada account facebookmu yang memungkinkan friendlist di account facebookmu dapat melihat update status terbarumu.

2. Make your Facebook status update create a "tweet" on Twitter
Maksudnya kebalikan dari no 1 tadi.. silakan dilihat sendiri tutorialnya disini:

3. Show your latest Twitter updates on your Blogger blog
Menghubungkan status update twittermu pada blog kesayangan anda. biar lebih jelas lihat disini:
contohnya seperti ini:

4. Other
Bukan hanya facebook dan blogger.. beberapa situs web ternama lainnya juga bisa dihubungkan dengan twitter maupun facebook.. atau pun situs web buatan anda sendiri.. tinggal mengikuti langkah-langkah yang telah ditentukan. itu bisa kalian lihat pada dan

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tutorial Membuat Blog di Blogsome adalah salah satu layanan blog gratisan yang
cukup populer.

Berikut langkah-langkah untuk membuat blog di layanan Blogsome:
1. Masuk ke
2. Masukkan user yang anda inginkan dan klik Get your free blog now

3. Masukkan Email anda dan Title web anda, jgn lupa masukkan angka yang sesuai
dengan gambar tersebut

4.Jangan lupa klik i have read and agree to the Terms of Service, lalu klik
Get your free blog now.

5, Selesai blog anda sudah jadi, gampang bukan

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Fitur Spam Twitter Diperbaharui

Seiring dengan makin meningkatnya popularitas Twitter, membuat layanan tersebut menjadi sasaran empuk para spammers untuk mengirim spam. Tidak tinggal diam, pengelola situs ini pun menyiapkan fitur filter spam terbaru.

Sebelumnya, pengguna harus mengirim pesan ke akun @spam, jika menerima pesan yang aneh untuk dilaporkan sebagai spam. Akan tetapi cara itu dianggap para pengguna twitter telalu sulit.

Seperti yang dilansir melalui PC World. Minggu (18/10/2009), penggelola Twitter pun langsung tanggap dan membuat fitur baru yang akan dibuat lebih mudah. Nantinya, pengguna dapat mengirim laporan spam dengan hanya meng-klik "Report as Spam" yang akan tampak di bawah setiap profil user.

Kendati mudah, pengelola situs ini tidak akan secara otomatis menindak hasil pelaporan spam ini. Sehingga user tidak bisa melaporkan pesan atau akun pengirim sebagai spam atau spammer, hanya karena user tidak menyukai orang tersebut.

Namun begitu, melalui tool "Report as Spam" ini, pengguna Twitter yang melaporkan sebuah profil sebagai pengirim spam, maka akan secara otomatis profil tersebut diblokir dari list follower atau following user.

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Kaspersky Antivirus 2010

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 (also referred to as “Kaspersky Anti-Virus” or “the application”) uses a totally new approach to data security, based on restricting each program’s rights to access system resources. This approach helps prevent unwanted actions by suspicious and hazardous programs. The application's ability to protect each user's confidential data has also been considerably enhanced. The application now includes wizards and tools which substantially simplify specific computer protection tasks.

Let's review the new features of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010:

Essential Protection:
* Protects from viruses, Trojans and worms
* Blocks spyware and adware
* Scans files in real time (on access) and on demand
* Scans email messages (regardless of email client)
* Scans Internet traffic (regardless of browser)
* Protects instant messengers (ICQ, MSN)
* Provides proactive protection from unknown threats
* Scans Java and Visual Basic scripts

Extended Protection:
* Two-way personal firewall
* Safe Wi-Fi and VPN connections
* Intrusion prevention system
* Intelligent application management and control
o automatically configured application rules
o security rating is assigned to unknown applications
o access to the user’s resources and data is restricted for unknown applications

Preventive Protection:
* Scans operating system and installed applications for vulnerabilities
* Analyzes and closes Internet Explorer vulnerabilities
* Disables links to malware sites
* Detects viruses based on the packers used to compress code
* Global threat monitoring (Kaspersky Security Network)

Advanced Protection & Recovery:
* The program can be installed on infected computers
* Self-protection from being disabled or stopped
* Restores correct system settings after removing malicious software
* Tools for creating a rescue disk

Data & Identity Theft Protection:
* Disables links to fake (phishing) websites
* Blocks all types of keyloggers
* Virtual keyboard is provided for safely entering logins and passwords
* Prevents the theft of data exchanged via secure connections (HTTPS / SSL)
* Blocks unauthorized dial-up connections
* Cleans up any traces of user activity (deletes temporary files, cookies etc.)

Content Filtering:
* Parental control
* Improved antispam protection (plugins for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, The Bat!, Thunderbird)
* Blocks banners on web pages

* Automatic configuration during installation
* Wizards for common tasks
* Visual reports with charts and diagrams
* Alerts provide all the information necessary for informed user decisions
* Automatic or interactive mode
* Round-the-clock technical support
* Automatic database updates

Date release: 17.10.2009
In archive: Trial Reset
SR: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 x86/x64


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The Little Rock - Crazy For Once More EP (2008)

Genre : Melodic Punk Rock
Myspace :
From : Bali, Indonesia
Sound Like : Hi-Standard, Nofx

1. Dog Smile
2. Last Change
3. Newspaper
4. Crazy For Once More
5. Rainy Day


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Friday, October 16, 2009

Speed Connect Internet Accelerator v.7.5.2

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize your network connection and speed up all your internet activities. This translates into a faster internet connection, faster browsing and email, faster downloads, faster online gaming, improved Skype connection.

Easy, safe and fast optimization of your existing internet connection.

Top internet accelerator (according to PC Magazine), a network settings optimizer to speed up your existing Dial-Up Modem, DSL, Cable, Wireless, LAN, High-speed internet connections.
The speed of your network connection doesn't just depend on the speed of your hardware. Windows is an operating system that is designed to work on a variety of different hardware and network setups. Because of the abstract nature of the operating system, it cannot be optimized for user-specific hardware setups.
Depending on the type of network connection you have, you might be able to tweak your connection so that the speed of your Internet, as well as your local area network, will be faster. By changing the System Registry and optimizing the TCP/IP parameters, SpeedConnect can fine-tune the values to take advantage of more reliable, faster Internet connections.


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Merawat Motherboard Komputer

Komputer saat ini memang bukan lagi merupakan kebutuhan orang berpunya tapi lebih kepada kebutuhan pokok yang harus ada khususnya bagi semua jenis bidang usaha. Memang sih masih banyak juga yang belum menggunakan komputer alias komputer manual (mesin ketik) sebagai alat untuk mengetik.

Bayangkan di jaman dulu yang belum begitu dikenalnya komputer, apabila terjadi padam listrik, maka para pegawai kantor masih bisa kerja menggunakan penerangan seadanya yaitu lilin karena pada saat itu kompunter masih jarang ditemukan, bandingkan dengan saat ini, apabila listrik padam maka semua pegawai istirahat total itu karena rata-rata di setiap bidang usaha sudah menggunakan fasilitas komputer sebagai alat kerja yang pokok, sedangkan komputer membutuhkan daya berupa aliran arus listrik sehingga apabila terjadi padam listrik kita tentu tidak bisa melakukan apa-apa kecuali menungu hingga listrik kembali dialiri.

Masalah listrik ini pun bisa memperngaruhi keselamatan dari peralatan mesin komputer kita salah satunya adalah motherboard atau mainboard.

Motherboard atau mainboard ini sangat penting untuk kelancaran proses data karena semua komponen mulai dari prosesor, memori, media penyimpan data (storage), komponen Input-Output (I/O), kartu-kartu (cards) tertancap pada mainboard ini.

Agar mainboard ini bisa lebih lama atau awet dalam pemakaian maka perlu diperhatikan tips singkat berikut ini :
1. Gunakanlah Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) dan stavolt sebagai pengaman tegangan listrik sehingga tidak terjadinya pengaruh terhadap kinerja mainboard apabila terjadi perubahan tegangan listrik secara tiba-tiba.
2. Perhatikan kebersihan bagian dalam CPU khususnya mainboard, apabila kotor lakukan pembersihan mainboard dengan menggunakan kompresor udara atau bisa juga dengan menggunakan kuas kurang lebih 3 bulan sekali atau sesuai dengan kebutuhan.
3. Ventilasi udara yang ada pada casing jangan ditutup sehingga memperlancar terjadinya pertukaran udara bebas kedalam ruang Central Processing Unit (CPU) agar menjaga temperatur di dalam ruang CPU.
4. Bersihkan slot-slot atau konetor yang menghubungkan mainboard dengan komponen lainnya dari debu sekali sebulan.
5. Saat membersihkan agar selalu memperhatikan ada atau tidaknya baut-baut yang tertinggal di dalam mainboard, apabila ada segera angkat dari tempatnya untuk menghindari terjadinya hubungan pendek (korslet).
6. Jangan membiarkan komputer tidak digunakan/tidak dihidupkan dalam kurun waktu yang cukup lama. Usahakan sekurang-kurangnya 3 kali digunakan/dihidupkan dlam seminggu.
Source: Berbagai Sumber

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 Script Greasemonkey

1. Google Account Multi-login
Gunanya jika anda mempunyai lebih dari satu akun Google misalnya Gmail dan Blogspot, anda tak perlu logout, karena Greasemonkey akan otomatis mengatur anda untuk switch ke akun anda yang lain.
Kunjungi scriptnya disini :

2. Helvetireader:
Gunanya untuk mengubah layout Google Reader anda menjadi merah-putih dengan font helvetica.
Kunjungi webnya disini :

3. Download YouTube Video as Mp4
Dengan script ini anda tak butuh lagi addon baru untuk download dari Youtube, atau tak akan perlu lagi mengunjungi situs convert link youtube semacam Dengan script ini greasemonkey akan mencantumkan link download Video di Youtube yang sedang anda lihat dengan format MP4.
Kunjungi :

4. Remove All Facebook Ads
Sedang keranjingan Facebook? Coba script ini, anda tak akan lagi melihat iklan-iklan berseliweran di halaman facebook anda.
Kunjungi dan install dari :

5. Kaskus De-Obfuscator
Script ini akan otomatis mengembalikan sensor-sensor yang kebanyakan umum dipakai di forum terbesar Indonesia, Kaskus.Us.
Kunjungi :

6. Googel Book Downloader
Terkagum-kagum dan senang membaca buku-buku berkualitas via Google Books ( Sekarang anda tak perlu pusing-pusing lagi mencari cara download buku tersebut. Install saja script ini.
Kunjungi :

7. Google Translate Tooltip
Tak perlu lagi anda manual menerjemahkan kata ke, sekarang anda dapat melihat langsung hasil terjemahannya sebagai sebuah tooltip dari kata atau kalimat yang anda blok dengan mouse. Hmm, canggih kan?
Kunjungi :
Catt. Ubah/tambah situs yang jadi acuan,

8. Remove Detik Ads
Merasa terganggu dengan banyaknya iklan di Silakan install script ini, dijamin iklan tersebut lenyap.
Kunjungi :

9. RS LinkChek
Ini dia salah satu senjata buat para downloader dari Rapidshare. Sekarang, dengan script ini, greasemonkey akan otomatis mengecek link download Rapidshare anda masih valid atau tidak.
Kunjungi :

10. Google Ad Remover
Script ini akan membuang iklan-iklan pada hasil pencarian di

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Menghilangkan Iklan Di Facebook

Koneksi Anda lambat saat mengakses facebook? itu disebabkan oleh banyaknya iklan yang muncul pada saat anda mengakses situs jejaring sosial yang sedang populer tersebut, Ingin tau cara menghilangkan Iklan Di Facebook anda? sedikit sharing buat kalian caranya mudah aja:

1. Instal Remove All Facebook Ads
2. setelah itu anda klik tombol INSTAL seperti yang terlihat pada gambar di bawah ini.

3. Begitu anda mengklik tombol INSTAL akan ada Pop up Windows GreaseMonkey Instal;ation yang mengkonfirmasi tentang proses instalasi script, anda tinggal pilih saja Instal.

Catatan : Sebelum menginstal code Remove All Facebook Ads, jangan lupa pastikan di komputer anda telah terinstal Add-On GreaseMonkey

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pasang Template Baru Blogger

Agar Tampilan blogger kita lebih menarik maka perlu merubah template kita dgn template yang lebih menarik, template-template tersebut bisa kita temukan di website yang menyediakan template yang free bisa kita download salah satunya saya akan berikan salah satu website template yang bisa anda download disini

setelah anda buka situs tersebut silakan ikuti langkah-langkah berikut:
1.Sign in ke blogger anda
2.Anda akan masuk halaman dashboard kemudian klik layout > edit HTML
3.Untuk mencegah error saat anda upload template silakan simpan template anda sebelumnya ke hard disk anda dengan cara klik Download Full Template
4.silakan klik tombol upload dan masukkan kode HTML di hard disk anda yang telah anda download sebelumnya
5.Kemudian Save Setting
6.Anda sudah mengganti template anda yang lebih menarik
Good Luck!!!

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Avira AntiVir Premium (2009) Plus Key Till March 2010

Protects your computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers.Along AntiVir Personal it includes: Enhanced Anti-Spyware, AntiAdware, AntiPhising, MailGuard (POP3 and SMTP), WebGuard for safe surfing, RescueCD and more.

Download | Mirror

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Robbie Williams - Songbook (2009)


1. Let Me Entertain You Live From Knebworth 5:21
2. Feel Live From Knebworth 4:34
3. Come Undone 4:36
4. Viva Life On Mars 4:51
5. The Trouble With me 4:21
6. Man Machine 3:36
7. Me And My Monkey 7:13
8. No Regrets Live From Slane Castle 5:28
9. Phoenix From The Flames 4:04
10. Nans Song 3:54
11. Rock DJ Live From Koln 6:54
12. Angels Live From London 4:42
Download Here

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VA-Trance In Motion Vol.23 (2009)

Artist: VA
Title: Trance In Motion Vol.23
Style: Trance, Vocal Trance, Progressive
Date: 05.10.09
Quality: 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks: Mixed CD
Size: ~ 156 Mb

01.Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Waiting (Original Mix)
02.Median – You And I (Dash Berlin Mix)
03.Tritonal feat. Christina Soto – Spellbound (Original Mix)
04.Cosmic Gate feat. Aruna – Under Your Spell (Duderstadt Remix)
05.Paul Van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid – Home (Cosmic Gate Remix)
06.Marlo feat. Kristin Marlo – Is It Real (Summer Mix)
07.Masaud feat. Josie – Leave It All Behind (Original Mix)
08.Dennis Sheperd and Cold Blue – Freefalling Dennis Sheperd Mix)
09.Andy Tau and Touch Enable feat. Olivia Martyn – Over You (Original Mix)
10.Smart Apes – Between Us (Original Mix)

Download Here

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SEO Elite 4.0

Your website or product’s profitability and success is directly dependent on how much traffic, targeted traffic, you get.
If you don’t get any (or few) visitors then it’s practically impossible to grow your business and see a profit. But get 1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 (or more) visitors a day, week or month and you’ll begin to see a "snowballing" effect that’ll let you generate cashflow and begin to build the structure for the life you’ve always wanted.

Unfortunately, generating traffic is probably one of the BIGGEST frustrations most internet marketers have… it’s sort of like a dog trying to chase his own tail, you go round and round and round but eventually end up in the same place you began, loopy from the dizzying whirl! Few of the methods being thrown about online work, others are a complete waste of time and money. But it doesn’t have to be difficult, frustrating or confusing - the days of yanking your hair out trying to figure out how to get the RIGHT PEOPLE to come to your website or see your products are over… Announcing…
Download Here

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oes Tsetnoc - SEO Contest

satu lagi kontes SEo untuk mengasah kemampuan anda dalamm memahami dan menerapkan ilnu seo anda, kontes yang diadakan oleh berhadiah besar dan berlangsung sampai 15-12-2009. jadi, masih banyak waktu khan?.. berikut artikel asli info SEO tersebut:

Search Engine Optimization Contest Info

Want to make some extra cash? Why not make a website or a page on an existing website; optimized it for the given keyword and get it to one of the top 3 spots on Google for the keywords we provide you. If you do that you are guaranteed a cash prize. We know you are excited about competing in our SEO contest, but it gets even better. A cool SEO contest like ours is not complete without really cool prizes for the winners! To win a prize all you have to do is place first, second, or third in Google's organic SERPs for the targeted keyword.

When does it start?

The contest starts on September 10, 2009 and ends on December 15, 2009. Contestants have a full 3 months to use their SEO skills to rise to the top of Google search.

Contest Entry

To enter the contest, you must fill out our SEO Contest Registration Form here at (All fields are required when filling out the registration form!) This seo contest is open to anyone, but we are only going to accept a limited number of contestants. When we hit the limit, we are going to close registration. If you are thinking about being in our contest, sign up now before we hit our limit. Once we close our registration, it's really going to be closed.

SEO Contest Rules

For more information on the rules of this SEO Contest please refer to the SEO Contest Rules thread in our webmaster forum.

Determination of Winners

We will determine the official winners by using search for the given SEO Contest Key Phrase. Live statistics can be seen here using the following search string:

The final update will be at 12:00am GMT-7 12-15-2009 and from the given results we will declare winner(s).

The Targeted Key Phrase for this SEO Contest is:
Oes Tsetnoc

Our seo contest result table will ignore the differences that might be caused from different geographic locations around the world; hence the above specified searching string will be requested every time when the seo contest result page is updated.. thus making it an equal chance for all contestants.

SEO Contest Prizes:

First Place: $1,000.00 Cash (Must rank 1st position to win)
Second Place: $300.00 Cash (Must rank 2nd position to win)
Third Place: $200.00 Cash (Must rank 3rd position to win)

Bonus: Bragging rights to all your friends!

Prices will be received via PayPal transfer.

-- Oes Tsetnoc --

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Facebook Freezer 1.0

You can freeze a facebook account with 2 simple step.
its like hotmail freezer, it locks your account for too many login failed attempts.
Insert email that you want to freeze, Click FREEZE, wait until 100%...
Done, the target must change the password to login. Simple!
Use with caution

Download Here

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Make money with twitter! Fast, simple and easy!

This is a simple but very effective tutorial to make money with Twitter, almost fully automated!
Please download as a free user and don't forget to say thanks to keep this topic.

Download Here

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Blackhat Social Marketing: Twitter, Su, Digg, Myspace, Facebook

Social networks are THE BEST place to generate traffic, If you know how to use them. This ebook is an easy, step by step guide on how to beat them.

This ebook covers Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, Myspace, and Facebook, the five best social networks for generating traffic. Each method is explained in a very "straight up" manner, NO fluff, self promotion, or affiliate links, and they are explained well enough so even a total newbie can use them.

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Membackup dan Restore Blogspot dengan Blogger Backup Utility

Para blogger yang menggunakan blogspot kini dapat membackup semua isi dari blognya. Dengan menggunakan tool Blogger Backup Utility kita tidak takut lagi akan kehilangan data.

Fitur apa saja yang dimiliki tool ini ?

Kita dapat menggunakan tool ini untuk banyak user. Tool ini juga bisa mengelompokkan semua post kedalam folder tertentu yang kita tentukan. Selain melakukan backup kita juga dapat me-restore hasil backup terdahulu. Jadi jika kehilangan posting, dapat dipublish kembali. Jika jaringan anda menggunakan proxy, tool ini dapat berjalan dengan baik dengan melakukan konfigurasi proxy dari menu Tools.

Untuk menggunakan tool ini, pada komputer kita harus sudah terinstall Net Framework 2.0. Jika belum silahkan download dari link dibawah.


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Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Getting used to using your keyboard exclusively and leaving your mouse behind will make you much more efficient at performing any task on any Windows system. I use the following keyboard shortcuts every day:

Windows key + R = Run menu

This is usually followed by:
cmd = Command Prompt
iexplore + "web address" = Internet Explorer
compmgmt.msc = Computer Management
dhcpmgmt.msc = DHCP Management
dnsmgmt.msc = DNS Management
services.msc = Services
eventvwr = Event Viewer
dsa.msc = Active Directory Users and Computers
dssite.msc = Active Directory Sites and Services
Windows key + E = Explorer

ALT + Tab = Switch between windows
ALT, Space, X = Maximize window
CTRL + Shift + Esc = Task Manager
Windows key + Break = System properties
Windows key + F = Search
Windows key + D = Hide/Display all windows
CTRL + C = copy
CTRL + X = cut
CTRL + V = paste

Also don't forget about the "Right-click" key next to the right Windows key on your keyboard. Using the arrows and that key can get just about anything done once you've opened up any program.

Keyboard Shortcuts

[Alt] and [Esc] Switch between running applications
[Alt] and letter Select menu item by underlined letter
[Ctrl] and [Esc] Open Program Menu
[Ctrl] and [F4] Close active document or group windows (does not work with some applications)
[Alt] and [F4] Quit active application or close current window
[Alt] and [-] Open Control menu for active document
Ctrl] Lft., Rt. arrow Move cursor forward or back one word
Ctrl] Up, Down arrow Move cursor forward or back one paragraph
[F1] Open Help for active application

Windows+M Minimize all open windows
Shift+Windows+M Undo minimize all open windows
Windows+F1 Open Windows Help
Windows+Tab Cycle through the Taskbar buttons
Windows+Break Open the System Properties dialog box

acessability shortcuts

Right SHIFT for eight seconds........ Switch FilterKeys on and off.
Left ALT +left SHIFT +PRINT SCREEN....... Switch High Contrast on and off.
Left ALT +left SHIFT +NUM LOCK....... Switch MouseKeys on and off.
SHIFT....... five times Switch StickyKeys on and off.

NUM LOCK...... for five seconds Switch ToggleKeys on and off.

explorer shortcuts

END....... Display the bottom of the active window.
HOME....... Display the top of the active window.
NUM LOCK+ASTERISK....... on numeric keypad (*) Display all subfolders under the selected folder.
NUM LOCK+PLUS SIGN....... on numeric keypad (+) Display the contents of the selected folder.
NUM LOCK+MINUS SIGN....... on numeric keypad (-) Collapse the selected folder.
LEFT ARROW...... Collapse current selection if it's expanded, or select parent folder.
RIGHT ARROW....... Display current selection if it's collapsed, or select first subfolder.

Type the following commands in your Run Box (Windows Key + R) or Start Run

devmgmt.msc = Device Manager
msinfo32 = System Information
cleanmgr = Disk Cleanup
ntbackup = Backup or Restore Wizard (Windows Backup Utility)
mmc = Microsoft Management Console
excel = Microsoft Excel (If Installed)
msaccess = Microsoft Access (If Installed)
powerpnt = Microsoft PowerPoint (If Installed)
winword = Microsoft Word (If Installed)
frontpg = Microsoft FrontPage (If Installed)
notepad = Notepad
wordpad = WordPad
calc = Calculator
msmsgs = Windows Messenger
mspaint = Microsoft Paint
wmplayer = Windows Media Player
rstrui = System Restore
netscp6 = Netscape 6.x
netscp = Netscape 7.x
netscape = Netscape 4.x
waol = America Online
control = Opens the Control Panel
control printers = Opens the Printers Dialog


type in u're adress "google", then press [Right CTRL] and [Enter]
add www. and .com to word and go to it

For Windows XP:

Copy. CTRL+C
Paste. CTRL+V
Undo. CTRL+Z
Delete. DELETE
Delete selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin. SHIFT+DELETE
Copy selected item. CTRL while dragging an item
Create shortcut to selected item. CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item
Rename selected item. F2
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next word. CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous word. CTRL+LEFT ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraph. CTRL+DOWN ARROW
Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraph. CTRL+UP ARROW
Highlight a block of text. CTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys
Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document. SHIFT with any of the arrow keys
Select all. CTRL+A
Search for a file or folder. F3
View properties for the selected item. ALT+ENTER
Close the active item, or quit the active program. ALT+F4
Opens the shortcut menu for the active window. ALT+SPACEBAR
Close the active document in programs that allow you to have multiple documents open simultaneously. CTRL+F4
Switch between open items. ALT+TAB
Cycle through items in the order they were opened. ALT+ESC
Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop. F6
Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer. F4
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item. SHIFT+F10
Display the System menu for the active window. ALT+SPACEBAR
Display the Start menu. CTRL+ESC
Display the corresponding menu. ALT+Underlined letter in a menu name
Carry out the corresponding command. Underlined letter in a command name on an open menu
Activate the menu bar in the active program. F10
Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenu. RIGHT ARROW
Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenu. LEFT ARROW
Refresh the active window. F5
View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows Explorer. BACKSPACE
Cancel the current task. ESC
SHIFT when you insert a CD into the CD-ROM drive Prevent the CD from automatically playing.

Use these keyboard shortcuts for dialog boxes:

To Press
Move forward through tabs. CTRL+TAB
Move backward through tabs. CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Move forward through options. TAB
Move backward through options. SHIFT+TAB
Carry out the corresponding command or select the corresponding option. ALT+Underlined letter
Carry out the command for the active option or button. ENTER
Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box. SPACEBAR
Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons. Arrow keys
Display Help. F1
Display the items in the active list. F4
Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box. BACKSPACE

If you have a Microsoft Natural Keyboard, or any other compatible keyboard that includes the Windows logo key and the Application key , you can use these keyboard shortcuts:

Display or hide the Start menu. WIN Key
Display the System Properties dialog box. WIN Key+BREAK
Show the desktop. WIN Key+D
Minimize all windows. WIN Key+M
Restores minimized windows. WIN Key+Shift+M
Open My Computer. WIN Key+E
Search for a file or folder. WIN Key+F
Search for computers. CTRL+WIN Key+F
Display Windows Help. WIN Key+F1
Lock your computer if you are connected to a network domain, or switch users if you are not connected to a network domain. WIN Key+ L
Open the Run dialog box. WIN Key+R
Open Utility Manager. WIN Key+U

accessibility keyboard shortcuts:

Switch FilterKeys on and off. Right SHIFT for eight seconds
Switch High Contrast on and off. Left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN
Switch MouseKeys on and off. Left ALT +left SHIFT +NUM LOCK
Switch StickyKeys on and off. SHIFT five times
Switch ToggleKeys on and off. NUM LOCK for five seconds
Open Utility Manager. WIN Key+U

shortcuts you can use with Windows Explorer:

Display the bottom of the active window. END
Display the top of the active window. HOME
Display all subfolders under the selected folder. NUM LOCK+ASTERISK on numeric keypad (*)
Display the contents of the selected folder. NUM LOCK+PLUS SIGN on numeric keypad (+)
Collapse the selected folder. NUM LOCK+MINUS SIGN on numeric keypad (-)
Collapse current selection if it's expanded, or select parent folder. LEFT ARROW
Display current selection if it's collapsed, or select first subfolder. RIGHT ARROW

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